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Undertale Stamp: Pro Age Headcanons by alpakami Undertale Stamp: Pro Age Headcanons by alpakami
this stamp was made to mainly apply to frisk but i added chara too since i may as well have, age headcanons are fine for both of them

i see these two as adults and one of the many things that ticks me off about some UT fans is their inability to accept other people's headcanons if they stray away from what's most popular
jesus christ, chara and frisk don't have to be children ! if someone wants to headcanon them as a teen or an adult they can so let them have their fun and get off your pedestal.
it's called a headcanon for a reason and you cannot strip someone's opinion away from them. if someone wants to draw adult frisks and adult charas it's okay.

in fact, let's go over some things.

1. They  have no actual canon age. Give me a number. You can't. Because there is no canon digit for Frisk or Chara's age. Anyone can interpret their age so if some people can see them as a 7 year old, some can see a 12 year old, why can't people see a fucking adult?
Some people say the kickstarter for Undertale before its initial release called Frisk/Chara "child that climbed the mountain", but that is completely irrelevant to Undertale's canon considering in the actual official game NOW, it refers to them as the "human" that climbed the mountain. We ALL know Toby Fox never ever does anything unintentionally, everything in Undertale is thought out and plotted despite some parts appearing super random and that's why we love it. I mean- he gave us secret characters for goodness sakes, rooms AND dialogue that can be accessed only if you edit the game files in extremely specific ways. Changing "child" to "human" was a thought out revision, it was intentional, and thus in Undertale's canon Frisk and Chara are that much more ambiguous.

2. Frisk or Chara are waaaay too capable in-game to be a kid. They're very agile when dodging in battles and intelligent to comprehend all the information given to them. Kids aren't this capable, like it or not, lmao - surely they must be mature on some level.

3. Let's take a look at the canon art in the game.
the war against monsters art
These humans shown in the war against monsters are definitely adults.
Oh but look at Asgore's height compared to the humanS ( you can see a whole crowd, not just 1 person, so chances are that's an average person and not someone that's just short) in the art above.
Now look at how tall Frisk is in sprite-form next to Asgore.
pixel heights
Literally the exact same height difference as the adults in the canon artwork.
Maybe it's not a coincidence and maybe Frisk is older than people assume they are. Chara is also 2 pixels taller than Frisk.

4. Even if they are kids; kids grow up and become adults.

5. THE CHILD OF A GOAT IS CALLED A "KID" HAHA - as you know Toriel "adopted" both Frisk and Chara. It can fully be a little joke, knowing Undertale.

6. The only reason Frisk is 'mistaken' for a child is because in the Underground children wear striped shirts, which is stated in canon. Humans do not have this tradition. Frisk did not know. And to elaborate on this fact; Undertale is full of irony for the players sake. For example if you kill Toriel, Flowey knows and he says "It's not like you can go back or anything"; and when you're at the MTT resort with Sans he says "you haven't died once... That look on your face, am I wrong?" - These phrases are ironic. Because you CAN go back and you HAVE died before in-game. But the canons "don't know" that or pretend that they don't. Monster kid's phrase when pointing out the striped shirt thing sounds very similar. He says "Yo! You're a kid too, right? I can tell 'cause you're wearing a striped shirt." which is a hint at irony since majority of people who play Undertale are teens and adults and are not kids. Not to mention he asks if you're a kid, which means he is still uncertain but the striped shirt is throwing him off. Thus Frisk being treated like a child can very well be irony simply due to how they're dressed - because, pointing back to #1- Frisk has no actual number for a canon age.
If you argue that in the UT universe all kids wear striped shirts, human or not, only because Chara was seen wearing one as well - Chara looks like Frisk all together, they have almost the exact same hairstyle, lighter skin, brown hair and all together share the same base sprite. They're meant to look similar, so of course them wearing similar clothing is part of this. Also, Chara just so happens to wear the same exact striped shirt as Asriel?? They wear those stripes because they were adopted by the Dreemurrs, and that was the clothing they gave their children (Chara&Asriel) so of course Chara is also in stripes. 
Stripes are a misunderstanding. The end.

i'm sure there's more but that's it for now, folks!
toby gives us so much room for interpretation so let people have fun!

free for use !

Original art is actually by me
Template by kencho
Undertale belongs to Toby Fox
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June 21, 2016
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